"Why would I need a grab hire?"

  • We take all the physical pain away that can appear when moving large amounts of material. No more back pain, no need to struggle using a wheelbarrow on your own. We are here to help.
  • Any waste that is created on a site can be left loose or even to one side of a driveway or building site. We can take it all away for you.
  • We can reach where skips can't go. With our grabs we can go almost anywhere. Deposits of material can be picked up and taken over walls directly too.
  • The amount of material that we can take away in a single load is the equivalent of two full skips. Without the need for a semi-pemanant skip somewhere on your property or close by.
  • No permits required for our services, we can arrange assistance with you, at you convenience.

Puritan Stones Requirements

We serve all manner of clients, Trade, domestic and commercial. When we arrive on site or at your home, we have a risk assessment procedure in place to evaluate any specific items. For instance, low hanging branches, power cables, visibility for our staff to make sure that everything goes smoothly and safely. We have both 6 & 8 wheel vehicles.

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